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Office furniture doesn’t wear out; it gets nicked, marred and scratched. It usually remains strong with years of service left. The office services managers of many Fortune 500 companies have acknowledged this and contacted us for our refinishing expertise. Modern Design Restorations specializes in refinishing office furniture in a very short period of time. This cycle restores aging furniture to its original finish, also can re-upholster old seats, turning terrible to look at or used furniture to a beautiful, polished and new upholstered pieces. Conference tables and chair as well as desks  are our specialty. The revamping is tax deductible as an upkeep cost. Savings up to 50% to 75% can be realized by refinishing rather than replacing. We can work on both, wood and mica. We are an extraordinary option right now of moving to a new office, we can even convert your conference tables and office furniture to fit the new space, could be cutting and making smaller or expanding to a larger size, depending on your needs.