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Our services run from something as straightforward as finishing up built in cabinetry , which should for the most part be possible in a day or two. This is alternative is famous for individuals or real estate agents taking a stab at selling a home and need the cupboards took respectable without using up every last cent. We additionally work with a ton of development organizations and we realize mishaps occur. So regardless of whether its a couple of little dings or scratches we can fix it.  For a total redesign of your built in cabinetry, we offer anything from recolouring, painting, coating to totally striping the old polish off and wrapping up. Our cycle takes somewhere in the range of 2 to 3 weeks. The main week we take all the entryways and cabinet fronts to our shop to be showered. Next we go to your home or office and finish the cupboards. Every one of our completions are showered on and never brushed. We feel this assists with the perfection of the completion just like the look and feel. We utilize both polish and water based completions, both are furniture grade and are dampness, warmth and liquor safe.