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We can plan get up toward the finish of work day on Fridays and return pieces Monday morning by early afternoon, to maintain a strategic distance from the burden of leaving void workplaces during working days. If the project is too enormous to even think about doing that, we can do it in stages, whatever is expected to fulfill the requirements of our customers without influencing their profitability.  We use special lacquer on the top coats to ensure the long life of our finish. Our finish can match any decorator colors including blends and matches to existing office decor. We can also match any sample submitted by our clients. From faux finish to traditional wood colors or French polish. In a brief timeframe, you will have the option to appreciate all new appearance of your Bookshelves and Bookcases.  The change improves the attitude and morale of the staff, just as upgrading the organization’s corporate picture. Furniture re-upholstering and revamping, offers an option in contrast to the exorbitant substitution of old office furniture. Keep up a Green attitude: Recycle!