Insurance Claim Services


Our Services for Insurance Providers:

In any of our services, Modern Design On Call will cooperate with your insurance organization during the claims process. Modern Design On Call will provide the validation of the suggested claims your clients submit, verifying the severity of damages and provide fair market price estimates for the needed repairs. Throughout the entire process we keep open communications between your organization and the client, allowing all information to be available without any complications.

Disaster Restoration:

If your client has sustained heavy damages to their wooden items due to a flooding or fire, Modern Design On Call can provide damage restoration services for your clients.  Modern Design On Call will assess every item to determine if onsite restoration is viable, if not, items will be taken to our repair location for services. With our services, client items that are damaged from water and fire can both be restored using a number of methods and procedures, returning the items back to their pre-loss conditions.

What we can repair for your customers:

  • Kitchen and Bathroom Cabinets
  • Furniture, Including Antiques & Specialty Items
  • Millwork, Paneling, Molding, Doors & Banisters

Services we can provide:

  • Emergency cabinet pullout, including counter top support/stabilization
  • Structural Repair & Stabilization
  • Disaster Restoration
  • Precision Repair of Wood & Laminated Surfaces
  • Refinishing & Polishing
  • Upholstery Services
  • Color Matching
  • Third Party Services